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fuck_arabs's Journal

The Pirated Community "Lust For Arabs"
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All Members , Moderated
On the Eve Of September 27th, In The Year 2004, this Community was Boarded by a Fierce Host Of Pirates, and Seizing this Community Fair And Just, it was decreed that this community would be dedicated to the lust for all things Arabian-related.

The Master of this Scow is the Dread Pirate Reyart, known in other circles as mp_reyart, while the Mistress is plumes

It is agreed that all aboard shall see their fair share of booty....

-The Dread Pirate Reyart
arab love, arabality, arabaphilia, arabian nights, arabification, arabitude, arabness, arabnificence, arabs, education, love thy neighbour, loving arabs, them there a-rabs, xenophilia