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Iranian Man in Verona/Viridian Green Hijab

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Anyone watch Project Runway?



Rami Kashou, baby. Born in Jerusalem, raised in Ramallah, started his own fashion design business in LA, and luckily for all of us, has an apparent aversion to wearing shirts. He has a little bit of an accent and is, overall, incredibly lickable.

(He is gay, though. Alas for the girls, hurrah for the guys.)
Fuck you from an Ayrab
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You go, Britney Spears!

The Superficial reports that Brit spent the night in an LA hotel with this paparazzo after passing him a note (WTF middle school) saying she liked him.

One of the comments:

So that's where Osama is hiding? Up Britney Spear's vagina?

Ahahahahaha oh God.

Link to story

His name is Adnan -- anybody know him?

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Yasmine Hamdan of the now-defunct Lebanese underground band Soap Kills. Second pic: Yasmine and the other half of the band, Zeid Hamdan (not related), who is now in the underground band The New Government.

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Swedish professional football player Rami Shaaban, 32.  Half Egyptian, half  Finnish, 100% really yummy (cover guy on Nox this month, but I've spared you the propaganda and just brought you the hotness).